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Dirt Trax Tas hosted the 2011 KTM Victorian Dealer Ride. Trailbike Adventure magazine came along, then wrote a great article on it called 'A twisting tale'. Click here to read the whole article as a pdf document.

Tour Operator's Ride, the Trail Boss Challenge - Transmoto report

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Ged from Melbourne
Just wanted to thank you guys for the three day ride we've just finished (May 2012).
As a group, we've done several organised rides across Australia, and what you boys dished up to us was the best ever.
The tracks were absoultely first class - hard to say it, but better than anything we've got on the mainland. And they just kept getting better & better.
Thanks to you and the boys - and your wives - for the top class hospitality and seamless organisation.
To anyone else reading this, go with these Boys. It will be the best ride you ever do.
Thanks again - see you next year.
Ged from Melbourne.

Jason, Mick, Shaun, Rob and Ben
The 5 of us had an absolute cracking time on the 4 Day ride with you guys throughout North Eastern Tasmania. The unforgettable memories will be with us for years to come.

We all made the trip from WA and were captivated by the contrasting terrain of the tracks we rode; from the wide open fast trails, the beach and of course the rain forest ‘Jungle’. You have done an outstanding job of cutting in, what seemed at times to be endless miles of winding sweet single track, littered with surprising handcrafted boardwalks over impassable creek crossings and gullies. One other impressive point we’d like to note is how well you organized the 4 days of riding without hardly ever venturing onto that dreaded black tar stuff they call road. It always just seemed a short trip out of one town in the morning and then back into another late in the afternoon, with just off-road track the whole day in between, truly awesome.

This was all topped off with a clockwork organization between lead and sweep riders communicating via 2 way with Spizzo in the support vehicle. It didn’t matter whether it was just a check point, a re-fueling point or a lunch stop, Spizzo was there just waiting for us with everything organized ready to go. This was also topped off nightly with some very tasty Tassie meals and a few cold beers in comfortable warm and friendly accommodation.

As you are aware we all deliberated for some time back in Perth of what location and tour we should go on and we are all extremely grateful we made the decision to go with Dirt Trax Tas. We know you have worked extremely hard to get this together and if you continue to deliver like you did on our tour; you will deserve every success your business venture provides for years to come.

All the best from the WA crew;
Jason, Mick, Shaun, Rob and Ben

Dicky Burrows -
Stumbled on a few lads organising a bike trip the other day, One bloke wants the fast sand, another wants challenging single tracks with some tough hills,a third one talks about riding in the deep forest with a sense of discovery like your the only person that's ever riden there before. Then one of the boys pipes up, I want a go away somewhere we have never been before with no stress, great riding, good times and a few beers! I had to step in.... Men! Get down to Dirt Trax Tas, The greatest riding Full stop.... Everything is sorted nothing is a drama and talk about enjoying a few beers!! - Stu & Cory had a blast I will be back next year for sure!
Dicky Burrows

Byvo -
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Cory and Stew for the most amazing 3 days riding I have ever done. It was the most organized trip I have been on from start to finish. When I get asked what the terrain was like I can't describe it, I just tell them it has everything you could imagine and them heaps more. I will definitely be coming back for more and that's the best testimonial anyone can get. If you are thinking about going on this adventure, STOP THINKING AND BOOK, you won't be disappointed.
Cheers again boys,

David -
Best riding I have ever done bar none. Tracks had huge variation in terrain and was it extremely enjoyable experience with "Dirt Trax". The service/hospitality of the company was exceptional. Had a ball and hope I can get back soon.
David Reinheimer
Roe Motorcycle & Mower

Jeff -
Wow, what an unbelievable tour. The mix of terrain was amazing, nice challenging climbs followed by sand dunes on the beach then to top it off lots of flowing single track which is my type of riding. Dirt Trax ran an exceptional tour with absolutely no hassles. My score 10 out of 10.
Jeff Leisk
General Manager
KTM Australia

Adam -
"Had a great ride with Dirt Trax Tas. Your trails down there will be the envy of Australia. I have never ridden so many awsome trails in one tour, with such a variety of terrain you have covered every part of Victoria and some
in one ride. The tracks have been prepared so well and cater for all levels of riders.
You are very relaxed and organised, great food, accomodation, and good Tassy Beer! I would reccomend this tour to anyone, we will definatly be back for antother tour! This would be the best tour I have been on in over
15 years of riding".
Thanks again for a great ride.
All the team from Marriotts Motorcycles Leongatha

Stevos photo

Stephen -
I'd just like to say thanks for an amazing three days of riding, from the hand manicured trails to the delicious lunches, the beach and sand dunes of bridport to dinner & drinks at the resort and that was just the first day. Your teams effort and attention to detail was fantastic, you had me grinning and spinning right to the very end. The mix of terrain, from super sandy trails to stony creek tracks, flowing two wheel trails to fast and furious bar bang'n stuff, a couple of testing hill climbs to a few challenging creek crossings , ferny gullies and nicely styled moto whoops, and just to finish it of with a lush, freshly groomed and watered trail through a ferny canopy of dark rich mountain soil, I can still hear the wail of the 250 2t .
Thanks Cory and Stuart.....
Stephen Romanin [stevos]

Fred -
"I have been in the motorcycle industry for over 20 years and in that time have done many of our own rides and organised rides. In saying this I have a good understanding of the organisation and logistics that go into these
trips to make them enjoyable and a success for all involved. That's exactly what the boys from Dirt Trax Tas have done on our recent KTM Vic Dealer ride on the first weekend in April.
I like letting my hair down(not that I have any) on these boys weekends, as did the other 49 riders involved on this particular trip. The tracks were awesome and the after-ride banter equally so!!
If you are looking for a first class tour company to see some of the best trail riding I have ever done give Cory or Stuart a call".
Fred Butterworth
Bolton Motorcycles

Bruce -
"We had our annual KTM dealer ride with the Guys from Dirt Trax Tas in April 2011. It was the 16th time we've had the ride and the second time in Tassie but it was the BEST set of tracks I've seen put together. We had awesome hand cut single tracks, fast 4WD tracks, sand dunes, pine trees, rocks, slippery clay, everything.
Cory and Stuart put it all together and the accommodation, meals and logistics ran very smoothly.
I'd recommend a ride with these guys to anyone".
Bruce Bolton
Bolton Motorcycles

Joel -
"Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Cory and Stuart from DirtTrax, this was the most incredible three days of riding I have ever done.
The first day was riding on amazing single track, pines forests, sandy trails and then finished with an afternoon riding along the beach and around the dunes, I thought how could anything top this.
Day 2 was even better and after that I had the third day to look forward to.
Everything flowed like clockwork, the incredible food laid out, the amazing fun and occasionally challenging tracks and the easy laid back but professional nature of the crew.
I reckon Tassie’s newest Tour group is going create some stiff competition for everyone else."
Joel from Melbourne.

Shayne King photo

Shayne King -
"When I first pulled up in the bus to Dirt Trax facility I knew it was going to be well organised and a premium 3 days of riding as all 50 of the bikes were lined up gassed up and ready to go.
After meeting everyone and a quick debrief we were off and the body was ready for some adventure!
What I did not expect was the amazing trails and different combinations of soils we went through!
Being from New Zealand and travelled the world with racing I thought I had seen and done it all but the crew from Dirt Trax gave me a new lease of life and a want to come back and do it all again.
The KTM 530 carved up those trails and made for an awesome adventure.
Thanks Guys I will be back that’s for sure but brace yourselves because next time it will be all Kiwis!"
Shayne King NZ

"To move and feed 50 odd hoons around the North East of Tassie with ease and without a hitch is a credit to you both, a good time was had by all.
To have the calibre of Shayne King (even though he is a Kiwi) write those kind words about your trail tour is a testament on how good it really was!!!!!!
Well done boys and l hope things go gangbusters for you both".
Chris, Warnambool.

Ben McGrath
"I have been riding trail bikes for 20 years and have never experienced such varied trails in one area. From loamy fast tracks to tight single track and then onto the beach and climbing sand dunes, this region has it all.
Dirt trax tas provided outstanding service, and their trail knowledge is apparent when you realise after 3 days of riding not once did they resort to checking maps. There was never a shortage of food and was always a friendly staff member to help with any issues that may arise. The guys have really thought of everything which meant all we had to do was rock up, ride, relax and enjoy our trip.
If you ride trails you just have to experience a dirt trax tas tour, you will not be dissapointed!
If i had to sum up my experience with dirt trax tas it would be ....... "Unbelievable trails, Outstanding support and unforgettable memories"
scrappy aka Ben McGrath

Tom F.
"I enjoyed the Dirt Trax Tas ride immensely. I doubt I've ever ridden so much fabulous,uninterrupted, roostable trail, anywhere. The organisation and planning was first class."

Chris & Mike -
"Stuart and Corey from Dirt Trax Tas have enthusiastically invested a lot of time building and setting out some of the best dirt riding we have ever seen. Tassie is blessed with a combination of awesome riding in amazing terrain and tremendous scenery for the complete experience. We were incredibly well looked after; the guys are more than keen to tailor the ride to suit rider ability and operate on a mission to ensure their customers have a good time. The ever cheerful Rob manned the back up 4x4 vehicle along the way (fuel, food and cool drinks). Thanks for a great ride boys, we’ll be back."
Chris & Mike from Perth

David -
"Hey boys, woodsy here. I was on the recent ktm dealers ride. Just wanted to say thanks again for the 3 awesome days. The work you boys have obviously put in to keep some of those tracks clear and cut in some new ones is clear to see. All the boys from ballarat have a lot of years riding experience all over the country, but we all agreed that your ride was by far the best we have done. To have every thing run smooth with 50 riders is a credit to you blokes. Thanks again. Hope to be back soon".
David from Ballarat

Damien -
"2011 ktm dealer ride. best guides, best food, best tracks, best time I've had on a dirt bike, absolutely awesome, thanks heaps guys. Trying to round up some mates for the next one. The beer in Tassie is pretty good too, its true that Boags River advert".
Damien from Rye, Victoria

Sac -
What an awesome thing Cory and Stewy from Dirt Trax have created. This has to be the champagne of all bush tracks ever ridden on.
There are goat tracks, South Aus fast sand High Country erosion mounds (without chewed out 4wd ruts on landing) Otways loamy single trails for K's, Hill climbs, River crossings.
It has revitalised my passion for the sport. Definitely an annual two to three return trip. Thanks Boys for all the catering, good tucker and bugger all stress.

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