Trail Bike & Dirt Bike Adventure Tours, Tasmania, Australia

Trail Bike & Dirt Bike Adventure Tours, Tasmania

Guided trail bike and dirt bike tours in North East Tasmania, Australia

About Us

Dirt Trax Tas offers guided trail bike adventure tours in North Eastern Tasmania, Australia. North East Tasmania offers almost unlimited dirt bike trails across a wide variety of terrain including single trail, wet forest tracks, sand dunes, beach, fire trails, rocky ridge trails, and creek crossings.

Your tour leaders are Cory and Rick who love trail riding, with skills including the following –

Accredited Tourism Business Australia
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  • We have a vast knowledge of tracks in NE Tasmania
  • Grew up in north eastern Tasmania
  • Dirt bike riding is our passion
  • Bush skills
  • Mechanical repair skills
  • Cory and Rick have first-aid certificates

Safety is a priority and we carry EPIRB, first aid kits and radio contact with support vehicle.

Contact us now to discuss your dirt bike tour itinerary.

Group sizes are from 10 riders.

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