Trail Bike & Dirt Bike Adventure Tours, Tasmania, Australia

Trail Bike & Dirt Bike Adventure Tours, Tasmania


Tours are categorized by length – from 1 day to 4 days. We also tailor rides to suit rider group preferences and skill levels. Tours generally begin at 9:00am and normally finish riding at about 4:30 – 5:00pm.



3 Day Tasmaniacs

This is most popular and covers a vast range of terrain.

  • Day One - Starting from a location near Scottsdale we head off into the hills, on fire trails. We are heading to the beach but we go the long way! First nights accommodation is at Bridport.
  • Day Two - We ride east firstly on sandy more level fire trails towards North Scottsdale and then we find trails you would not believe! We arrive at Gladstone for an entertaining evening and accommodation for the night.
  • Day Three - We experience an awesome ride ‘home’ through varied trail, some faster open trail followed by windy single trails.

Cost: $970

The feeling when this tour is completed is something else!

What can I say? Awesome ride. I have been riding for over 15 years and as the Chairman of the Victorian Offroad Championship I get to ride some special tracks, however yours were by far the best I have ridden.
The amount of single trail that was in pristine condition was unbelievable. You guys are surely the luckiest guys in the world to be able to ride such tracks whenever you want, from tight narly trails to open fast to flowing 3rd gear in sandy and loam conditions with some special hills thrown in for good measure. with tracks like these you can't help but please everyone, no matter what level rider they are.
The backup vehicle with fuel & lunch stops were always on time and in perfect locations. Lunch was better than I get at home.
All in all without a doubt the best ride I have been on ever.
Keep up the good work and we will be back next year for sure ....
Chris Gray
Vic Offroad President

2 Day Tour


Bridport - From high country to sand dunes

  • Day One - heads up to high country through magnificent scenery, then we head to the sand dunes. Accommodation at Bridport Resort that night.
  • Day Two - we head through a devious route to Branxholm for lunch. A varied and interesting route is designed to be memorable.

Cost: $625

1 Day Mystery Tour


Prices quoted below include -

  • accommodation
  • food (cooked breakfast, lunch, trail snacks and evening meal)
  • fuel after the first tank
  • support vehicle
  • all prices include GST
  • prices can change when tours are tailored to your needs
  • 4WD backup vehicle


5 Day Tour (4 nights)


4 Day Tour (3 nights)


3 Day Tour (2 nights)


2 Day Tour (1 night)


1 Day Tour


1 Day Tour (no support vehicle)


Final payment to be made before the morning of departure.

Bike Transport

Mainland riders, we can transport your bikes from Melbourne to Tasmania and return at very competitive rates so you have the convenience of flying.



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